01. In recent months, a [process] has begun in North and South Korea which the people there hope will lead to the eventual reunification of the two countries.
02. It is important to learn a [process] which will help you to deduce the meaning of new vocabulary from context.
03. It will take a least a month to [process] your application for a visa.
04. The peace [process] has broken down in the region because of the recent hostilities.
05. For many people, age spots are a natural part of the [process] of growing older.
06. Eating too many [processed] foods can be bad for your health because of their high salt content.
07. Averil Coxhead has noted that learning new words in a second language is a complex [process].
08. The data can be [processed] by computer in a matter of seconds.
09. Mutual dependencies develop through the [process] of social interaction.
10. Paula Gunn Allen once said that for the American Indian, the ability of all creatures to share in the [process] of ongoing creation makes all things sacred.
11. There are four different [processes] which can trigger the formation of stars.
12. Science describes a living thing not as an object but as a [process].
13. There is a Chinese proverb which states that a jade stone is useless before it is [processed], and a man is good for nothing until he is educated.
14. Chickens raised for [processing] are usually butchered after seven or eight weeks of life.
15. Diamonds are rare; an average of 350 tons of ore must be mined and [processed] to find an uncut diamond large enough to cut a single one-carat polished diamond.
16. Steel is 100 percent recyclable, and can be [reprocessed] almost indefinitely.
17. Aristotle believed that the heart was the center of the mental [process].
18. Marie and Pierre Curie refused to patent their [process] of making radium, declaring it belonged to the world.
19. In general, [processed] foods contain the most salt.
20. The sun is the generator and maintainer of all life and all life [processes] on our Earth.
21. Liberia's palm oil is [processed] to make cooking oil, margarine, soap, and some chemicals.
22. The last, but most important stage of the beer-making [process] is when the delicious beer is poured down the thirsty throat of a tired teacher.
23. In 1876, Ellis Island in New York City was opened to begin [processing] what would amount to over 20 million immigrants entering the U.S.
24. Despite the fact that we are no longer consciously aware of the external world during sleep, our minds continue to actively [process] information.
25. The geological evolution of our planet has proceeded according to uniform, gradual [processes] over an immense span of time.
26. The global system of moving fluids at the Earth's surface result in surface [processes] such as erosion and deposition by running water.
27. In order to understand our earth and the [processes] which operate upon it, one must attempt to comprehend time spans of millions of years.
28. Society can be viewed as a [process] in which human beings construct or negotiate social order.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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